Artist’s Dates

This is a list of suggestions/ideas made partially for personal reference and also to stimulate your own ideas. Our fellow Artist’s Way blog also offers a considerable and lovely list of artist’s date ideas.

  • Create your own coloring book.
  • Color mandalas.
  • Create art on the sidewalk with chalk.
  • Make postcards to send to friends at random.
  • Write a one page story.
  • Write a fanfic.
  • Write a fan letter.
  • Write a letter to the editor on a subject you care about.
  • Fingerpaint.
  • Try out a new recipe.
  • Go see a movie alone.
  • Sit in a public park during lunch hour and people watch.
  • Visit a farmer’s market.
  • Visit a thrift store  – see what you can get with $10.
  • Read Belle du Jour blog from beginning to end.
  • Finish a task you’ve been putting off.
  • Watch a really bad movie and write a synopsis of how you’re do it better.
  • Watch the Spanish channel. Mute the sound and make up your own lines.
  • Blow bubbles.
  • Walk around a cemetery and take rubbings/pictures.
  • Randomly feed parking meters.
  • Walk around a lake/by the river/near a body of water.
  • Go the library and “shop” the bookshelves.
  • Do construction work on an old T-shirt.
  • Read a comic book or graphic novel.
  • Try an art form you’ve never tried before. You don’t need to be good at it.
  • Visit a toy store.
  • Read a web comic from the beginning.

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