These have been rearranged as slides for people doing their daily affirmation practice. Just come to the page, and click through.
Buddhist mandala from Wikimedia

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In the Artist’s Way and in other works, Julia Cameron emphasises the important of affirmations.  She has a set that she recommends herself, that are quite effective, and she encourages the artist to create their own. When you say them, it’s perfectly normal to feel perfectly silly. That’s OK – the affirmations still take.

Here are a list of affirmations we’ve used – feel free to comment and add your own. An affirmation must use positive language and have creative intent.

I am a channel for G.O.D’s creativity, and my work comes to good.

Creativity is the Creator’s will for me.

My creativity heals myself and others.

I am allowed to nurture my artist.

My creativity leads me to truth and love.

I have a right to be an artist.

I now treat myself and my creativity more gently.

My creativity is appreciated.

I now share my creativity more openly.

I now accept G.O.D’s help opening my life.

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