I Plant the Seeds is a blog written by a cluster of artists using the works of Julia Cameron, including the Artist’s Way, to overcome their personal creative blocks and to enrich the spiritual experience that is part of the artistic life.


Among the contributors are:

Xiane of 3Ravens yarn.

Diana Rajchel of Fat Chic. She is also a professional writer, and you can read her blog here.

The Artist’s Way according to this cluster is not just the first book by Julia Cameron, but her entire series.

The principles and practices of the artist’s way series are as follows:
1. Creativity is part of spiritual development
2. Creative block is real and must be worked through gently and with compassion
3. Art and artists have profound value to society

1. Morning pages: 3 pages daily stream-of-consciousness writing. Cameron advocates these be done immediately upon waking, but members of this cluster have found that just making time to do them at any point during the day is valuable and does not detract from other journaling or personal writing.
2. Artist’s Dates: Once a week, an artist should participate in some soul-feeding activity alone. This can be any activity that a person finds self-nourishing, whether it’s watching a movie, catching up on paperwork or painting for an hour.
3. Artist’s Walks: Once a week, and daily if possible, an artist should go for a walk from 20 minutes to an hour. If possible, interesting parts of this walk should be photographed. It creates a sense of safety in routine while creating a sense of adventure.

Check the sources widget on the side to see the books worked through to date on this blog.