Week 2: 10 Tiny Changes

Small changes I can make:
On Geary Blvd #sanfrancisco #unicorn

  1. Add a towel bar above the toilet
  2.  Get proper hand towels
  3. New underwear – a bit of my own stuff has gone to the wayside with my spouse’s transition
  4. Go get a massage from that gorgeous Chinese masseusse that oddly does shiatsu
  5. Get a pedicure
  6. Clean the refrigerator
  7. Get a new air filter/get the current one repaired
  8. Add my skincare routine to the calendar again
  9. Obtain a Go Card and give myself that tourist-style tour of the city I’ve been meaning to get
  10. Get that Bay Area Pagan meetup group started

PS: A hair trim/appt wouldn’t hurt, either.