Week 2: 5 more imaginary lives

Man in greenhouse Arboretum?

1. Bellydance instructor

That seems to be giving way to other things since I am far more interested in dance than I am in performance. Since performance is a measure, I have started leaning deeper into ecstatic dance despite wanting to learn more of the bellydance movement vocabulary. I performed and perform enough in my life. I need one less place where I have to be “on.”

2. Domme

This…is becoming a real possibility, actually. It’s also another place of having to be “on” which is why I’ve sidestepped it.

3. Occult shop owner

this is one of my happy little fantasies, even as I know the work itself would be relentless and consuming – stocking, book keeping, promoting, booking events, dealing with projections from the neighborhood – it’s all a lot. Especially since I would want to tie it in with a full service greenhouse and perfumery. That’s one hell of a lot.

4. Venture capitalist

I would only specialize in plus size fashions and superhero toys based on women. Actually one could well feed the other. I still have some ideas for developing City Center in Minneapolis.

5. Politician

I plan to do all the things short of felonies that should make it really, really difficult to be elected to public office and make all the things I did part of my platform. Things are happening where this could actually be true.