20 things I love doing

Activity                               Date tried

Pinball Hall of Fame
1.                 Dancing                                  every Tuesday night

2.                Singing/Karaoke                  not since we moved

3.                Collage work not since we moved

4.               Reading Fridays, but would like to do more

5.               Baking once since we moved

6.              Gardening not since we moved

7.               Witchy-tool making this week

8.            Photography in earnest? Not for over a year

9.             T-shirt surgery last week

10.        Trying out crafts off my Pinterest board yesterday

11.         Playing pinball last week

12.        Exploring museums last week

13.        Writing poetry once since we moved

14.       Experimenting with spells and ritual seriously not really – and I want to construct a battery of health and healing spells

15.      Sketching/drawing (want to take a class) not for years

16.      Playing with clay not seriously for over a year

17.      Meditating two days ago

18.     Blogging now

19.     Writing fiction not since last year – I have a second draft novel and a first draft play just sitting

20.    People watching 2-3 weeks ago