Believing Mirrors

boys behind bars!_4795635876_oBelieving Mirrors are people that reflect back belief that you are a worthwhile individual who can accomplish what you set out to do. I have a significant list – I have become incredibly lucky in the people I find since I started this path.

1. Mike – he really is my fanboy. I’ve had to block him from notebook reading over it.

2. Lisa – she has believed in me and supported me since the late 90s.

3. Ruth – she’s smart about things, and reminds me that effort for effort’s sake is not a good reason to do anything.

3. Xiane – we haven’t talked lately and I miss her, but when we do connect it’s always about mutual encouragement.

4. Cynthia – she looks to the heart of the trouble, and helps me step back a little when working things out.

5. Tonya G – I kind of wish she and Cynthia could meet. They’d adore each other. She’s always been my chief sane maker.

I have more at this point in my life – so many more. But I still have a weird thing about the number 6 and don’t want to assign it to anyone I care about.