5 Dreaded Activities and their remedies

Honestly, there’s not much I dread doing these days – not even taxes. Unless I am uncertain of a person’s reaction, most stuff is more about having too many things to do and having to pick and choose what becomes a habit and what doesn’t. Or it’s the kind of thing where adding an element of fun is probably dangerous.

5 things I dread:

1. Asking an old professor for a reference. It’s embarrassing and uncomfortable for me – I don’t know why, it just is.

Make it fun: Actually make a chart and use stickers for every one I actually get up the nerve to ask, should I ever actually finish my graduate degree?

2.  Dealing with gross things.

Two words: Video documentary.

3. Tedious things: tagging photos, learning code, learning how to get whatever ridiculous database program to work properly…

Put on music that helps me focus. Set timers. The tedium fades.

4. Talking to someone when I don’t know how they’ll react.

There is no way to make this fun. Ever. NONE.

5. Any medical appointment

Have stuff to do with me, or have someone to chat with to distract me/bitch to.