Self-Expression: 5 Creative Endeavors I could try

At this point, I’m wondering if there are any creative endeavors I haven’t tried. I’m also in a much-needed resting period so making myself think about this is a bit forced.

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I am making up to myself for a childhood best summarized as, “Here, you’re doing this – forever. We really don’t care if it fits.” I’ve moved from resentment of my parents to a sort of objectivized pain for my childhood self over that. I have to remind myself that when I do these things, it’s not just to amuse myself. I’m doing them for her.

1. The zine. I still haven’t made a zine.

2. Taking a drawing class. Something super duper basic, from cross-hatch lines and perspective, etc. I have poked at some classes on Itunes but I think whatever passes for community ed might go a lot further.

3. I’m already working through a series of spoken spells based on numerological arrangement. It’s a poetry form, really. It’s just not one I can easily workshop to the poets I know.

4. Something is swirling in my mind related to Saint Francis, San Francisco, and a sort of spiritual-travel handbook for urban oriented Pagans.

5. That pictoral book of houses of worship I wanted to make. I feel the need for a good photography review first, though. I’m not loving what I’ve been seeing on my camera lately.