Gratitude List

hindu deityAdmittedly I find these lists a bit cheesy and annoying, but they seem to work for people. Also, I try to avoid bragging. Any expression of gratitude for good luck or kindness was generally met with vituperative punishment by those I lived with in childhood. That kind of treatment stays with you, and it’s a painful thing to be afraid to express gratitude outside of expressions of indebtedness because of that association.

Deep breath – saying what I’m grateful for, and hoping I won’t be punished or criticized for having good things to be grateful for.

I am grateful that…

  1. I have a strong relationship with my partner – and it’s been tested enough for us to know it’s strong.
  2. My best relationships are all mythology-free. There’s no illusion, no story, no narrative, and that helps it work and last.
  3. I can get fresh, local strawberries until December.
  4. The universe conspired to preserve me from this latest harsh winter.
  5. I live so close to the ocean.
  6. I have a fireplace, adding an element of safety to candle burning magic.
  7. I am just about to finish edits prior to publication of my third book.
  8. I think about the world far differently from every group I am involved with: Pagans, mainstreamers, and friends. I think my difference of perspective/absence of fear (xenophobia) truly helps people.
  9. I got to meet some of the people I did when I was young. Most are gone from my life and I mourn that, but I got to meet them and that by itself is so cool.
  10. I live close to a Green Apple books branch.
  11. We actually found an apartment in San Francisco.
  12. Our neighbors downstairs have good taste in the music that they play loudly.
  13. Both the musicians downstairs and the garage band next door (with a tuba) are actually pretty good.
  14. Usually, we can find parking.
  15.  I have met as many people as I have so far, long before I’m technically ready.
  16. The Golden Gate Park is right there.
  17. I found an honest-to-gods beach cave last weekend.
  18. The Polish deli is near my neighborhood.
  19. I have enough moxie to track people down who don’t answer emails when I want to volunteer for them.
  20. I have friends who will speak up when they see me treated cruelly.
  21. I have friends that are doing their damnedest to help me connect with this place somehow.

Wow, that’s a lot longer than I thought I’d have.