5 Places to be exposed to flora

Well, I live over in Sea Cliff in San Francisco Bay…likely the easiest place in the city to actually get some green.

So yes –

1)Golden Gate Park

…because it’s right there, literally across the street from my apartment. Manicured the outer part is not.

2)Ocean Beach

again, it’s right there, and yes, there are some sea plants around. My partner surprised me with an Audubon guide so now I can even determine what these plants are! (Something I failed to do in Minnesota. In Indiana, I knew the plants – the chicory, the Queen Anne’s Lace, the poison gooseberries…not so much elsewhere.)

3)The Presidio

For those unfamiliar, the Presidio is a former military outpost converted to residences. There is a very swanky, expensive apartment building it is famed for, and then there are several “affordable” (i.e. ridiculously expensive everywhere but NYC) apartments and houses for rent. We came very, very close to renting a townhouse there until we realized that even with a lease we had no rent protection from Uncle Sam. Also, it’s great as a self-contained community even now but it was very cut off from the rest of the city. Since I’m here to do city-spirit work, I need to be in the city itself. It has a beach and a lot of wild/woods to it.

4)Farmer’s Markets

but don’t bother with the Ferry Farmer’s market on Embarcadero if you live here. I went last weekend. While it’s OK for meat, cheese, and fish vegetables were decidedly tourist priced. Upon chatting with some of the dairy farmers, it seems that revealing you’re local will prompt them to redirect you to the other farmer’s markets in the area. Food is a LOT cheaper here  than in Minnesota, especially in the winter months (and yes, there’s winter, though it’s a different animal than what I have previously experienced.)

5) The Conservatory

while the Golden Gate conservatory does not hold a candle to Saint Paul’s Como Park Conservatory, it is flora. Since this city has a hell of a lot more cement to it than Minneapolis, it is easy to get a bit starved for it.