Supplies: A Monologue of Tragic Attempts

Image taken from page 22 of 'Bateman's Tragedy: or, the Perjur'd Bride justly rewarded. Being the history of the unfortunate love of German's wife and young Bateman. [A chap-book, in prose, with the original ballad, entitled “A Godly Warning to all Maiden
from British Library Flickr Commons collection

This exercise is “write a monologue” of the worst stories/excuses of people that have succeeded once and refuse to go out again. It may just be a loose collection of quotes.


Oh yes, I pitched that idea – and someone wrote the exact same book ten years later. My idea was stolen!  I could write, but I only like to write in restaurants and then the staff befriends me and I can never get anything done. You know how it is – you get something out there and then everything is so commercial. It really comes down to who you know and this person at this publisher just hates me. I’ve heard all these rumors about people at other publishers. After awhile, everybody wants your advice and they get pissy when you can’t take time out for each and every person. We watched performers before us and they used the exact same material we were going to! Oh, I want to write or make a TV show or whatever but there’s just nothing original to do anymore. Honestly, I could make it but people would just shit all over it anyway. It’s so hard to do anything worthwhile. Well, that takes so much money. I hate everything there is out there and it shouldn’t be my job to make something better. I met this other author and I just don’t want to turn into that guy. Well, yeah, I heard that project but I’ve never heard of that person – the research is great but we’re looking for a name. I have to take a day job so I guess that means I’m a failure.


I’m sure there’s so much more – often I block and dismiss because it’s easier than absorbing the grandiose stupidity.