The Chorus of Woes: My Ridiculous Complaint

Chorus rehearses, c. 1920s/30s / by Sam Hood
from State Library of New York Flickr Commons feed

This is an exercise – to create the most ridiculous complaint about my own life I possibly can.


Oh, I am so put upon. I work from home every day and yeah, I can get up when I want but then sometimes I do and it’s like I can’t get everything done all day. I share a car – sure, it costs virtually nothing in maintenance as it’s a state-of-the-art electric car but then no one understands the issues I have with it, even though they’re virtually nothing. Well yes, my house has a fireplace and an attached garage and a shared garden – and even though it’s part of an HOA it can all be so much work. My god, the meetings we have to have once or twice a year to hash it all out. Sure, my neighbors are pleasant and all, but it’s a meeting. Ugh, they even move it along with Parliamentary procedure! My closets are way too small – they’re just overflowing with clothes, it makes those have-nothing-to-wear days SOOOOO much worse. And my god, I am so freaked out by these book contract deadlines. How can I ever possibly get them done? It’s just so much pressure – who writes a 30K book in less than six months? What about art, perfection, being big name Pagan enough? It’s like they expect me to have a living personal practice!

– END –

*snort* that is pretty funny.