Supplies: what listening to Mikey does

[Aviation Mechanic with Lockheed 12A Electra Junior]
flickr commons – from SMU Central University

Mikey obviously lives to prevent progress. The irritating part for me is that I didn’t want a block. I was looking for a simple, sensible way over the block. What it did is reveal to me that I was actually working with people who wanted blocks. They recognized that I did not share their blocked tendencies with them – thus why they had wanted me to go up in front of the microphone. I am a “make shit happen” person and that had them terrified because they found comfort in complaining about all the things that never changed… that wouldn’t change… unless they changed. I just went ahead and changed around them by finding people who also wanted and were ready to change, leaving the rest to do their thing.

Mikey figured this out and thus wanted to put a stop to me. I was just ruining the status quo which is pretty much what I do.

There was a psycho-sexual factor to this: Mikey had a thing for me. Because Mikey had a thing for me, he wanted control of me. This isn’t typical of all men, just the really horrible ones who have been taught to perpetually think horrible things about women. It programs them to think of women like me as best fucked and controlled.

It’s nasty because it’s true.

For me, I’ve just had to accept that this is one of the predators that nature has selected for me. I can’t change the predator. I can change how I deal with the predator. I can change the world that the predator lives in so some people hunt and spear him. This is why that particular predator hunts me. I really screw up his habitat so I can live well.