Supplies: My encouter with Mikey

Garage mechanic near Newark, N.J. Badge denotes member of Office of Defense Transportation  (LOC)
from flickr commons – Library of Congress

In Supplies, Mikey the Mad Mechanic is one of those people that gets in your way when you’re on your course and proceeds to dismantle everything you’ve done.  Not only have I encountered Mikey, his real name was actually Mike.

I usually refer to him by a different derogatory nickname. This is NOT the same Mike as my partner.

Obviously, there are other people who have done stuff like this to/involving me, but his was by and far the most overt.

This happened back around 2004 when I acted as volunteer coordinator for Pagan Pride. I was successful in part because I had no history with anyone yet. But also because I put some serious time into the job and making sure people were contacted appropriately.

The board at the time had wanted me to make an announcement after the keynote (before? who knows) about board positions available for the next year.

To me this seemed very business as usual. Boards have turnover – a turnover at the completion of a project term is very normal and healthy.

Mikey had a shit fit. He did not want me going up there and inviting board applications. “People will think their’s infighting. It will make us look unstable.”

When I asked why, it was because people in the Twin Cities gossip. Other organizations had had turnover because of infighting.

This, to me, was absurd. Only someone already unbalanced could possibly jump to that conclusion at the end of a normal project year.

I told him it was absurd. It was clear to me he just wanted to control my behavior – and did not want people in our community actually seeing my face for whatever reason. A temper tantrum followed that the took to the head organizer. This organizer, to my disgust, conceded. No announcement was made and I had a much more difficult time than necessary finding people to fill those slots later that year. I had been denied the ideal moment to recruit new volunteers because of Mikey and his machinations.

That was the first of many times he sought new and nasty ways to control my outcomes. It stopped working after that, but boy did he try. Other people tried, too.

So yes- I know the Mikeys of the world. Quite well.