Supplies: To feel more grounded

Right now the things I need to feel more grounded may only minimally come from other people. First, (1/23) I’m having back problems. This keeps me from working for extended periods because I usually resort to doing stuff in my kitchen or around the house that requires no sitting. I have tried the standing desk thing and I just can’t stand and write creatively. It sucks. So the back problems/ getting back to Pilates now that we have a car situation handled will help.

A good writing schedule will also do wonders for me. Right now I’m in research phase on two books I’ve been hired to write – I’m super nervous about both of them as I really want them to be high quality. Getting into a frame of mind where the research falls together and it all just flows will do me a world of good. Schedules are very grounding for me.

A strong, wholly positive social support group will also help. People that want to see me succeed matter rather a lot. I’m starting a Pagan salon and I have a good poets group; another writer’s group or at least a partnership that happily exchanges ideas and work would go a long way to this end.