Supplies: I should probably ask for help with

Sunset Memorial Cemetery
presides in the center of a local cemetery

  1. The repetitive back problems. (Already called my chiropractor for today’s flare up on 1/23/14.)
  2. Getting a podcast up and going.
  3. Gardening next year.
  4. Getting back on track with the therapist appointments.
  5. Finding an obgyn that does not want to simply gut me like a fish.
  6. Getting my library furnished.
  7. Dealing with the current liminality of my situation.
  8. Finding a decent primary care doctor since that last one was godawful.
  9. Getting those soy candles made.
  10. Figuring out what the heck is going on with my taxes.
  11. Sticking with the magical habit.
  12. Get in the habit of asking G.O.D for help.
  13. Starting that whole Pagan thing I wanted to in the first place.
  14. Finding even more people that I can collaborate with. I am ready for the right collaborators, God. Hear me on that.
  15. Finding my confidence and voice in writing fiction.
  16. Similarly, finding the confidence to send out poetry to different publications.
  17. Getting into sewing.
  18. Sticking with Pilates. I like it but I swear there are obstacles just dragging me back from it despite the significant good it does me.
  19. Persuading people I care about to respect the whole exercise schedule. I know they don’t, and I do, and since I don’t diet it’s hard to take it seriously (nevermind their flawed logic.) But it’s important to me, so let me have that time.
  20. Getting a treadmill for our house.