Supplies: Faith – 10 Things I would do with enough

Qualm - Graffiti at Kramarczuk
Graffiti at Kramarczuk, the best known Slavic deli in Northeast.
Yeah… I’ve had a few of those…

If I had enough faith, I’d try:

  1. Setting up a local print magazine using that Minnehaha Free Space I saw.
  2. Shopping around for a coven I could work with. (I really don’t see that happening. The covens around here are much too invasive/controlling of their members – and do not recognize that that’s what they’re doing.)
  3. Writing some short fiction and self publishing it on Amazon.
  4. Writing outside the Pagan market.
  5. Setting up Google Hangout workshops.
  6. Putting down the money to go to some of these workshops and events.
  7. Setting up a mini occult/innovations shop on my personal blog.
  8. Go to that community ed teachers workshop.
  9. Take the bus more.
  10. Try to finish off my MFA or get that PhD.