Supplies: Angels: 15 Times I have been “angeled”

Church in Northeast Minneapolis
shots of the church across the street from my house

Angels are the people that send help and guidance right when you need it. Some are famous, some are not, but they have a way of guiding you to opportunities or pushing you forward when you need it the most.

I have definitely received a lot of random acts of guidance. Sometimes I feel like I’m letting my angels down because I’m not more successful or higher profile.

1. The guy that swooped down into the middle of a busy intersection in Mankato and rescued me when my Chevy Cavalier died in the middle of the two busiest intersections in town.

2. The financial aid officer that helped me find assistance so I wouldn’t have to drop out at the beginning of my senior year. (She didn’t do it for everyone. She saw the look on my face and said, “You’re going to have to drop out, aren’t you?” )

3. Librarians are all angels. Their entire point is to nudge people in the right direction.

4. The screenwriting professor who assessed my work and told me I would do better outside of grad school.

5. Xiane, by directing me back to when I started feeling too lonely.

6. KB, MH, JH – all helped me pack and got me into Minneapolis when I would have lost the will to do it on my own. I love them for that and for forgiving me for the post-divorce crazies.

7. When I was on the fence about moving to Minnesota or returning to Indiana, I kept meeting strangers from Mankato. I realize they were a bit of a mislead about what I found when I got there but understanding my family as I do now I see why I was guided to that choice.

8. Papa Fred, RI whatever peace you can get, man. He was a surrogate dad to me when I was grappling with the kind of stuff a girl needs real parents for. Since I didn’t have real parents he filled in – I don’t know who else I could have talked to about being dumped for both a guy and a porn addiction.

9. Whoever wrote about “adding emotion to ritual and spellwork.” It happened just when I needed a new job pronto – and it made a significant difference.

10. A.T, for reminding me that first dates are often tension riddled disasters… so I went out on a second date with Mike.

Hm, the rest is a bit harder. Certainly networking is a big part of angeling and a lot of stuff has happened to me via good networking over the years.

11. I have a professional chef friend who sends me tips on making my pies and goodies excellent.

12. It was networking and asking me around that got me to a theater for the Doctor Who  meetup.

13. I had a tarot reader pull up that I have very high energy days and very low energy days. She assured me that it was OK – I just needed to learn to work with both conditions. She also assured me I was on the right track.

(I am hearing a voice saying that I’m not on the wrong track very often, so it may seem like less.)

14. The chiropractor that urged me into to see an orthopedist probably saved my life since that pin was very close to piercing through skin.

15. DF certainly has angelic qualities…