Supplies: 10 Areas where I could use a creative angel

What a perfect arrival on this strange snowy day! #amreading #books
Alex Grey’s work is consistently inspiring for me.

I need help with …

1. Finishing my work.

2. Filtering – Mike has pointed out rightly that I do not filter information well when doing initial research.

3. Switching gears. I struggle to go from one activity to another when I’m writing – like from fiction to news, etc.

4. Reconnecting.

5. the whole podcasting thing. I want to start a podcast but it’s a matter of finding the will to do it.

6. Friend/Life balance.

7. Renewing my spiritual habits.

8. Publishing. I am getting back out there, trying to really build up my contributor pieces this year. Leads and guidance will help a great deal.

9. Healing. I am doing better in all areas but I still have psychic wounds and health issues that need management and attention.

10. Getting that treadmill. I am still at my wit’s end about getting a treadmill for Mike and I.