Supplies: 20 Words that show there’s enough

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“enough” as in the bulk you can get at Sam’s or Costco

The exercise asks if I believe there is enough room for everyone’s dreams. To me this is yes, so much yes. Obviously there are the “watch the world burn” exceptions – gotta have one in every few million people.

I have long secretly thought that if people all just took life’s curveballs to follow their dreams – their real dreams – the whole world would fall into place. We would have enough janitors and police officers and artists and there would be lots of overlap in all of it. If we all let go the idea of what we should be, of what looks successful and found peace and contentment in our right now – or did whatever needed doing to our right now to get that peace – the whole world would flourish, as energy went to things like resolving food distribution and people created fun things to read without worrying about their commercial viability and the right combination of peace activists and crime cleaners came together to restore equilibrium to troubled neighborhoods, cities,countries…

I say this as someone who is a long way from finding that contentment myself – and I am a lot closer to it than most people just because I have a partner that believes writing is my right path. I think he believes it more than I do.

So – it’s supposed to be 20 adjectives that describe the enough. I changed this to “words” because of the first words I want to use that I believe make the enough possible:

      Recyclable/reusable byproducts
      Love (so much more and more complex than the 3 publicly approved types)
      Planters (seriously, it takes practice but even apartment dwellers can grow their own food)
      Networking – it need not be the slimy kind. You can practice networking with your friends. “Hey, I need yarn.” “I’ve got yarn!”
      Breath. We can all breathe way more than we do.
      Serenity. You can be completely at peace in the middle of a hostile crowd, sometimes without the aid of chemicals.
      Life Events. Where we go wrong is expecting to everyone have the same life events and then wondering where ours are.
      Internet. There is so much Internet that we are overwhelmed and there are multiple movements to get the entire world that wants to be on it on it – which i great for job hunters.
      Grass. The world has plenty of grass.
      Sand. Sand is freaking cool, you can do all kinds of stuff with it.
      Hair. I admit distribution is uneven and I am bewildered by those so eager to remove it from rather important, infection-preventing locations.
      Happiness – hormones make it elusive to some but it’s actually a pretty expansive, generous state where there’s always room for more people to be happy.
      Faith. You may need to refuel that one once in awhile.
      Art. The world is so full of art and human creativity. We’ve never run out of it.
      Light. It can be budgeted, no matter how little you get.
    Dancing. It’s one of those things that can’t take away anything but you can get plenty of.