Supplies: Killing Your Parents

051710 035  - Goth Prom
Me, aspecting the deadly sin of Wrath

The majority of people have parents that range from the benignly mediocre to the really good. I am in a growing minority who had really bad parents. They were high-end bad – no bruises that they inflicted themselves – but they definitely got way too many checkmarks on the Power and Control Abuser wheel.

Even so, the takeaway on this exercise is the same for all of us: do NOT put your parents first. Your creative journey is yours.  Enough of us have parents who invade that creative process – mine were constantly worried what I would write (because people on the NPD spectrum care a lot more how they look to strangers than how they make their nearest and dearest feel;) some are worried they might see their kids naked, or the good parents worry about their kids winding up in poverty, living on the street, etc. Note: the good ones worry. They don’t threaten with those worries.

If you happen to have decent parents, thank them after the work is done. But unless you have a rare collaborative relationship with one, keep them out of your way until you’ve done what you need to do.