Supplies: Twitches, Flus, Disease

Hiving on my Face
Me, on the downswing after a rather nasty round of hiving. (I have had trouble with chronic urticaria since 2002. In theory I’m supposed to start shots soon.)

I wish this chapter had more of something to write on overtly because I swear this happens to everyone I know who is about to make a great difference:

you are about to start that big project, or you JUST start that big project. Suddenly you get the flu, or a toothache, or the head cold from hell. Not only does the timing suck – that timing happens all the time.

According to Cameron, it is your fear finding a way to manifest in your body. She suggests writing the fears and dumping them in the God Jar. She also suggests affirmation.

Of course, as an official magical thinker, here’s what I suggest:

The night before you start your project, perform an uncrossing and a road opening spell. In the morning, after you do your morning pages, perform some type of protection spell. (I have yet to come up with a protection spell that fully satisfies me – but one already printed, in Janine Renee’s Tarot Spells, works well.)

Keep a notebook with you during the day. Jot down every panicked, disruptive, critical thought you can. This way they’re acknowledged – and scooted out of your way. Eventually you will just be focused on the work at hand.

So… that’s my suggestion.