Supplies: Freelance Spiritual Advisors I have known

Priestess, painting by William Adolphe-Bouguereau
Priestess, painting by William Adolphe-Bouguereau

It’s hard not to laugh too hard to write this.

Freelance spiritual advisors are those individuals who are always, always on you about not being “spiritual enough,” or “not being true to art.”

This is hilarious to me because I am beset with these bastards like ants on a mound of honey. Paganism is filled with these asshats. They make up the core of our culture. It makes true friends and people that make true friends super easy to spot: they are the ones that aren’t throwing around how we should all be so worried about Mother Earth and how we are bad people if we take a mind off her pain or the pain of Sudan or of third world workers for a single second. All magic must be Serious Stuff and must be Done Right and while Wicca is not dogmatic it may only be spoken of in a Certain Way.

It’s the few that aren’t talking this way that are the ones taking meaningful, thoughtful action on these very issues. They are also doing something much more important than all that talking: they are building fellowship. You can’t sustain a faith without some element of having a good time. Protestants use cookies and movie group socials. Catholics have ethnic food traditions; the orthodox seems fond of renting Ferris wheels, Muslims have food and family, the Jewish have food, family and a lot of people that like making movies. The Hindus have Bollywoood, dancing, spices …

It’s the fun that keeps us together and gives us strength when life gets serious. Being serious is the antithesis of creativity; it is meant as an anchor when you go about solving a problem and you’re supposed to yank it when finished doing your bit.

This whole freelance spiritual advisor bit is why I delete the majority of emails I receive instead of responding to them. Most smell… fishy. Either it’s an FSA waiting to happen or it’s a chide for holding forth my own opinions instead of repeating the ones that fit “the spirit of Paganism.” Evidently to many free thought is no longer part of that spirit.