Bad News Fairy: Have I Ever Been One

from Mopsa the Fairy - Dorothy Lathrop, 1920
from Mopsa the Fairy – Dorothy Lathrop, 1920

In junior high school: a tough-looking girl informed me she wanted to beat up my neighbor.
Motivation: seemed like a safety threat at the time.
Neighbor’s response; “So?”

Said neighbor did turn into a truly horrible person by the end of high school. Even so, I still admire that particular response.

Eh, I still don’t consider reporting threats of bodily harm “bad fairy” behavior. More … moral responsibility.

High school… probably. Bad fairy messages were practically the only way people spoke to me at all.

College: Nope, didn’t do it. Sure as hell had it done to me. The weirdest was when one guy who had a girlfriend decided I was hot potatoes and proceeded to dump his girlfriend for me. He had not bothered to determine if I had any sexual interest in him at all. Since he had by and far one of the most repulsive personalities I had ever encountered … I did not. So suddenly the guy I started dating felt the need to report back everything the girl that got dumped said about me. Then my future ex-husband joined the group peripherally and felt the need to tell me everything my boyfriend at the time was saying about me.

Boy, people sure have wanted control over me all my life. I must be a freaking bombshell, in a very literal sense.

Post-college: had bad fairies. Did NOT act as one; the one work case where someone reported badmouthing … I genuinely believe sh was protecting me and helping me protect myself.

Post grad: Nope. Had it done to me though, but again as a professional warning system.

Post divorce: Yes and I fought hard not to do it even though the woman involved was herself the most gleeful and manipulative of bad fairies. It began because her boyfriend was unhappy and told me all about it, asking for help getting out. It was a shitty thing to do to me and to her, although overall she wasn’t as great a person as she painted herself to be. I eventually caved and told her, after 18 month later it seemed the relationship was headed to a horrific clusterfuck. I regret doing so and I ended the relationship, realizing that if I only found this person likable when depressed, I was as bad for her as she was for me.