Supplies: the behaviors of Bad Fairies

  • A bad fairy will do absolutely anything to make you feel like crap about a good thing in front of you.

    We Don't Believe In Fairytales_8590399383_o
    Matchbook cover – from wackystuff on flickr
  • “Well, bully for you, but who lost out?”
  • If that doesn’t work, “Why are we celebrating when there is suffering in Sudan? Starving children in Africa? Violence on the streets in America?” … sometimes this is brought up even when the project actually addresses one of those problems.
  • “Oh, I see you’re quite proud of yourself. But what about the little people?”
  • “Money has CHANGED you.” (or it will, etc.)
  • “All this power has gone to your head!”

Bad fairies try to guilt and shame you for actually having any success at all. They will even try to make very positive things seem somehow, magically immoral. And if you call them out on it, they will shame you for the call out. It’s quite the trick really.

Sometimes dropping trou and mooning them can get them to back off for a while. Scatalogical noises and humor is veryeffective in those situations. Other times, when easy clothing removal isn’t possible, sometimes flipping the bird helps but it’s limited. It just doesn’t always hurt like it should.

Bad fairies are tricky and are always trying to find a way to wing their wormy selves over to you. Sadly, rising above does nothing but make them feel challenged and important. You can only make them feel like shit in return.