Supplies: Bad Fairy Neutralizers

In Supplies, Cameron recommends that you write a poem to neutralize Bad Fairies.

My witch’s mind immediately responds: “Hee hee! A spell!!!’

1949 Fairy Soap ad_9770160831_o
1949 advertisement for Fairy Soap – wash those fairies out of your hair!

I have actually done a Hot Foot spell on one bad fairy that haunts every writer’s group in town.

… and it’s not like anyone is surprised when I smile brightly and say “Fuck off!”

Even so, I could give it a try:

Wing closer, dear, perhaps my shoulder –
here, better – whisper your poison in my ear.
what’s that? You’re stuck, your burnt, your cut,
your bleeding?

Mmm, must be an awful feeling.

Landing in iron powder, twitching, reeling –
Haven’t you learnt
to keep your poison to yourself?

Try it again. I do love to trot out my shiny crucifixes.