Supplies: Bad Fairies, 5 I have Known

Oooh, this is a good exercise. I have had a lot of bad fairies. Bad fairies are the people that find you whenever you’re on the upswing – whenever you’ve accomplished something wonderful – and try to make you feel like absolute crap.

Well, if you’ve read many of these posts, you know I’ve got two to name right off the bat:

Vasilisa the Beautiful by Ivan Bilibin – 1900

1. Mother

2. Sister

For the other three just for a list, this is a bit more complex. But I have shaken off many a bad friend and I have finally let go of the poisonous beliefs that all friendships must be sustained forever, regardless of how I am treated. There is no prize for staying in any abusive relationship. So, bad fairies of later life:

3. HW – the minute I started showing signs of really good leadership skill within the MSU Pagan group, she started creating any rumors or drama she could. Why? Because I wouldn’t let her do things that would put us at legal risk, like bringing in people under 18 that were not emancipated minors.

4. My ex husband. He once made me cry because, when his mother presented a really good picture of us, he focused on how it looked like my hand was in his crotch. It wasn’t just that (and he wasn’t wrong.) Absolutely anything that seemed nice or fun he would find a way to kill as “too shallow” or “too fluffy” or whatever. The man almost ruined Tool for me because that and Rob Zombie was the only music he considered “good enough.” So anything that gave me a lift or made the boredom of Mankato less drudge-like for me was something he promptly shat on.

5. R. Odd timing, that nasty phone call right after I got my book contract; I hadn’t interacted with her for more than a year at that point.