Supplies: Skyjacking

also from wackystuff on flickr. Well represents the situation I found myself in.
also from wackystuff on flickr. Well represents the situation I found myself in.

Skyjacking in this context is when someone wrests an entire project from you.

I actually almost had this happen once … with my perfume business.

At the time, because I am still naive that way at times, I had hoped to preserve the friendships involved. But realistically speaking… what these people were planning – and trying to force me to consent to blindly – was to lock me down as their employee, a wage slave who did all the creative work to their own benefit and liking, with absolutely no freedom of my own. There was a second attempt later that was even less successful. The whole thing was so dizzingly shitty and disrespectful that I kept trying to blame myself in some way; my brain could not process that someone I had trusted enough to let in my home made a horrifying and direct attempt to control me in such a way, even asking me to stay out of the finances of my own business. This, for those of you unfamiliar, is one of the absolute WORST things a person can do in a business partnership or a marriage: leave the finances wholly to the other partner. It’s not just about trust – even the most honest people can make mistakes and the other partner is beyond necessary for oversight. Often, one person understands aspects of the business that the other doesn’t  – and that means both have a specific financial vocabulary that they both must bring to the books. So being told up front I was to stay out of it when I was the product producer?

That’s frightening. It’s like being told, “I’m going to beat and rob you, but I’m not going to say when. Until then, you just keep the house tidy and make sure my slippers and pipe are ready when I get home.” It was purely about having the power – and when one person has all the power, no one is truly a partner.