Supplies: Too Much Baggage, an apology

Downtown Minneapolis
shot distorted in editing process – taken from Central Library bridge in downtown Minneapolis

Dear Diana:

One of your better traits that you end up using against yourself the most often is compassion. You know when someone is a complete mess and that that person will end up holding your project back. It’s not their fault they’re a mess … but their distress is also not an obligation that you attempt to take them onto your projects. You feel bad for saying no when they offer, because they always say “I need this!” or “Just give me a chance!” or because you truly hope to see them step up to the situation and thus build themselves up, get into a healing space … and then they don’t. It is OK to do what’s best for the project, including putting your needs first. If the person doesn’t fall in, they’re just not right for the job. It’s not their fault … and it’s not your problem. Stop letting other people drag you down, hon.

I’m sorry – truly sorry – that I’ve allowed you to let others hold you back so very often.

All the best,