Supplies: Piggybackers: Dangerous Compliments

Pigs advertisement
from wackystuff on flickr.

“I can see you’re the kind of woman that really gets things done!”

“You’re so smart …” followed by an expectation that I also be magic.

I’m magic… but not a fucking djinn.

My favorites from recent years was this one:

“We absolutely love your work on this writing project? Can you write that for us?” Notably these were NOT accompanied by offers of payment. A linkback was going to be considered efficient.

Or this one: Offers to buy Fat Chic for $300. In the offer, offers to let me to continue to write for it – without pay. Mike stopped me from sending my response because it was too polite.

My favorite is this one: “We want to organize this anthology. We can’t pay you, but it will bring great money in for our company to fund other projects.”

I’m not exactly sure what bird to flip with that one. If they can pay to print the book, they can pay at least a minimal work-for-hire fee to the authors. Or they can go electronic only and distribute royalties up to a set amount. The asking for free work is flat out con artistry and it’s pissing me off.

What I need to do is develop some lines of response to this crap that makes it clear I’m on to the little piggies. One with no swear words … and one with lots of them.