Supplies: Worrywarts favorite baggage

Hm, what are the favorite baggage of worrywarts that I know?

Pirates Exhibit 2012 - Science Museum of Minnesota
From the 2012 Pirates exhibit at Minnesota Science Museum in Saint Paul

1. That person is thinking something bad about me! Therefore, I HATES them!

this, usually in the total absence of eye contact, conversation or … contact. Most of us are just background noise to each other. Only the disordered or motivated and horny focus on people outside of an already familiar sphere.

2. But someone will steal my idea!

It’s like hoarding wishes. Just as stupid.

3. I might get plagiarized!

More likely, your copyright will be broken. In Paganism, that’s just gonna  happen. While when I come across material of mine that is posted without my permission or without my publisher’s permission, I turn them in. Seriously, if you start a blog, write about what you DO, not about what you read in other books unless it’s adjunct to an idea of your own. But here’s where the worrywarts jump on me: I’m just looking at ways around all that stuff.

New looks like crazy to dumb people.

I am finding new approaches – and being called crazy by the hardcore plagiarism warriors who are locked in a cycle that’s not going to end. I live the nihilistic fighting to Buffy. I’m a bit like ensouled Spike: I am still subversive enough to find a way to succeed and neutralize most of the crap along the way.

4. But I’m so busy, it will fail!

There’s a formula for how busy you are. How much fun you have doing it + How much you actually want to do it – what you have to do to keep your kids alive – what you have to do to avoid getting your stuff repossessed. That will tell you whether you are in fact too busy.

5. I just don’t want to see you fail…

Any variation of this is, in fact, “I DO want to see you fail.” No one who genuinely wishes you well will discourage you from doing something – anything – just because it won’t work. People that care for you want to see you have a rich, experienced life. They don’t want to hold you back from experiences.