Supplies: How I can be a better booster rocket (and not a battery)

I have walked through this neighborhood for years and this is the first time I ever noticed this mural.
A mural on a building in Prospect Park neighborhood in Minneapolis

Oooh, this is a good exercise. I often do far too much to help out and wind up drained.

I like to think I am a damn good booster rocket. The words “that’s impossible” never fly out of my mouth.

I am already good with:

  • Small notes of “hey, have you seen this?” and links to relevant projects.
  • Sending a “how is ….?” going messages.
  • Sometimes, I do a BIG mitzvah.

I could be better with:

Seeing people. Especially in winter, my introvert wolfs out. I start to avoid people. Most people are unlike me and must be physically present to nourish a connection with another person. So I need to be present for those who are nourished by that.

Watching Youtube videos posted to me and actually watching Youtube. It’s a new way of communicating complicated ideas, especially thanks to Ted Talks. Often they are trying to cheer me up, engage dialogue or just convey an emotion to me this way. I just don’t like taking the time out from the faster process of my own thoughts.

Being better to myself. I actually know what’s necessary to be in a relaxed, creative, extended state – and it’s daily work, somewhat time consuming in and of itself. But it pays off dramatically.

I’m sure there’s more – but that may just be my battery habit kicking in.