Supplies: Booster Rockets – is my SO one?

Waiting for the New Standards show to start.
My SO. Also, my most frequent stash of eye candy.

Hm. My partner is fantastically supportive of my work. He wants to support an artist, for whatever reason. That doesn’t necessarily make him a booster rocket – although he is certainly the president of the booster club.

Actually, yes, he’s the fucking president of my booster club.

He makes sure I have whatever equipment my curious heart  desires in my pursuit of trying new art forms. He is the one who paid for my YWCA membership and revamped his work schedule so I could get to workout classes easier. He sets up fashion budgets for me  – not just because he likes having a well turned-out partner, but because he genuinely enjoys the creative aspect of my clothes horsery. He respects that I need time to write. He gives me the second bedroom as a library and ritual room (though there was bickering over that.)

So yes, he is the rockest of booster rockets.