Supplies: Who do I chronically mishear?

The Louvre
taken in the Lourvre 2011

Hm. good question. Probably just about everyone. It’s more complicated since “mishear” in the days of social media also means “misread.”

Certainly Mike and I have our off kilter moments; we will start arguing and then realize we are saying the exact same thing – we just use different vocabulary to convey what we mean. I think Mike is more easily understood by other people but my use of language is definitely more correct.

In poetry group there is a poet I really admire – who I almost always misinterpret. He has started using my gut reactions as some sort of guage. It’s good to make that lack of sync a useful and positive thing.

I have a problem remembering to slow down and read, to ask for context, especially online. It’s too easy to be reactive – and less excusable, since research on any given topic is a few keystrokes away. Although it seems Google has gutted research quality.

The Louvre
On the Versailles grounds

My friend K’s wife – this is partly because she has a long history of friends that intertwines with her husbands. I can’t always keep them straight; they also forget that I am, though a longtime friend to her husband, a collateral friend and not a core group one. I’m constantly misunderstanding what she asks me because I can’t keep whose who straight – and she talks about these people a lot.

There was this one girl, L, who just … irritated me. While at first I listened, it got very difficult to listen to the girl bitch about how patriarchy kept her down – while she lived off her father’s money; when she tried telling me I couldn’t possibly know what it was like, I just couldn’t bring myself to treat even her valid observations with respect. At the time she was doing all that whining I was 26, supporting myself, and I had to fight tooth and nail to get through college because my father didn’t believe in paying for higher education beyond basic husband hunting and my mother wanted to sabotage me into thinking I wasn’t smart enough for college and thus live out my days as a servant. I know there was buzzing in my ears whenever she spoke up.