Booster Rockets: Engagement

And in true superhero style he's a blur.
Galaxy Pizza in Minneapolis requires its delivery people to wear superhero uniforms. The pizza is awesome; afaik these guys enjoy it. Good thing the TC is a Geek City.

What has worked with me for booster rockets?

  • With Alissa, a dinner once every month or two works well.
  • With Tonya, we make appointments for Google Hangout – it usually ends in hysterical laughter.
  • With Cynthia, who is quite good at helping me through the “what the hell was that?” reactions to human experience, seeing her in water aerobics and occasionally with our clothing on works pretty well. Tarot readings are a factor, though they are often distributed across psychics she knows.
  • With Crystal, occasional coffee is great.
  • With Jaime, I like to meet over drinks where we can heckle our favorite quiz guy and talk about all the ridiculous things we can think of.
  • With Jill F., Google Hangout works pretty well – an occasional “how are you?” check in.
  • With Xiane, I just shoot her a message on FB once in awhile. She gets back as her health allows her.

I love the booster rockets I have. I would also like to get a few more men in that mix. Had one for awhile last year, but it was a bit one-sided and he has problems I can’t help him with. It’s a switch – for a very long time all my friends were almost exclusively men. It’s good that I’m finding healthy female relationships, but I miss having the kind of male friends where coffee and a chat was not a big deal.