Booster Rockets: 5 Offers of Help I accepted in the last month

Mike's response to my insomnia? Send Theo to investigate.
Theo is actually Mike’s thesis helper but he also keeps a lookout for me when Mike’s at work.


It’s worth noting that this blog is highly asynchronous. “Last month” for me is from 12-2 – 1/2. To you, it’s likely you’ll read this in late January.

It’s worth noting that in 2013 I just got a LOT of help from friends in general. An enormous, humbling, shocking amount.

1. My friend Jaime offering me rides – to trivia night, etc. Same person, also helping with the food shelf project, etc.

2. My candy thermometer broke. I posted to Facebook asking for hematite and a candy thermometer. I wound up with hematite and TWO Candy thermometers, thanks to Crystal and Cynthia.

3. During the December helper meetup, I had laryngitis. Even then, I had people acting as greeters for me, guys moving furniture, other people hauling my bags around for me…

4. Dawn, with her fantastic advice. Always with the fantastic advice.

5. My neighbor loaned me her car for a few hours. I am still shocked and awed by her generosity.