Supplies: Why I’m not trying the new Lug Bolt

Spring Park Preserve 2013
a turtle I visited during my Las Vegas trip last year

Past failures. This year I really want to do more fiction submissions. Any fiction. Science fiction. Erotica. Thrillers. That spy novel. The rewritten nanowrimo story that turned into a study on alcoholism – one wherein I set a cast of male characters in a Chick Lit novel. Unconsciously.

But I haven’t because I used to get nothing but rejections in my teens and twenties.

I know from writing professionally in nonfiction that nonfiction is way easier. I just got convinced I didn’t have the imagination to write good fiction. I totally do.

I also know that rejection is part of the business, part of the process. Sometimes, if done right, it’s how you get to know editors. After helping judge a poetry contest last year I even know how very not-personal rejection actually is. Even among good stuff there are standouts – and getting to the point of being a standout requires me getting to a place where I’m not thinking about whether or not I stand out at all.

So … that’s what’s slowing me down on this new widget I want to make.