Supplies: 50 Real Accomplishments

I’ve done this exercise before, but it’s a good one. Besides, I have some good ones to add:
1. I landed two book contracts for 2014.
2. In 2013, I finished a book.
3. I made marshmallows from scratch. This is NOT easy.
4. I used my baking skills to raise money for a down payment on my house.
5. I got myself into therapy – not easy.
6. I ended the most severe abusive relationships in my life.
7. I have actually stood up and read my poetry in front of people.
8. I organized the Doctor Who 50th anniversary party – complete with 500 guests.
9. I actually found a way to cooperate with BBC marketing.
10. I also pulled off the Who Meetup anniversary party in 2012.
11. I’ve run Fat Chic for 7 years now.
12. I completed successful T shirt surgery this year.
13. I have given other writers great feedback on their work.
14. I managed to do one bellydance performancee
15. I managed all of the Christmas stuff for Mike’s family.
16. Last year I learned to make pie.
17. I made real coffee candy.
18. I have also learned to make caramel.
19. Despite the above, I have found out what I have to do to get a grip on my refined sugar addiction.
20. I succeeded in making my Facebook page both interesting and low stress.
21. I have established a 3-5 day a week gym habit.
22. I came up with a method for improving my story plotting.
23. I figured out how to use Google Hangout.
24. I learned how to ask for help.
25. I got thank you notes and gift boxes to the majority of my Whovian helpers within two weeks of the big party.
26. I did the above while sick as a dog.
27. I grew snapdragons from seed last year.
28. I designed a CrazyBGone oiil.
29. I created an incense substitute using bath bombs and silicon molds.
30. Fat Chic Catalog Project
31. Plus Awesome Series
32. Mercury Rx series
33. Not strangling XY.
34. Also not strangling XX. (I realize this is asking for credit for something I am not supposed to do anyway.)
35. Maintaining friends from Daria fandom more than a decade.
36. Award winning Daria fanfiction.
37. Planning an entire vacation.
38. Planning out artist’s dates.
39. Finding ways to manage without a car in the dead of winter.
40. Finishing a short story this year – my first in decades.
41. Mastering decoupage.
42. The work on J & H’s house.
43. Integrating invisibility work into house blessing work.
44. creating complete spellwork programs to drive myself forward
45. the self-made prayer book I used in my 20s
46. Updating my writers’ sheet
47. Making cranberry sauce from scratch
48. Crocheting my own mini tree wrapa
49. Reorganizing Mike’s closet
50. Designing my own charm bracelet