Supplies: Shrink Rays

The people that minified my dreams? They aren’t in my life anymore. I evict them all. Last fall I commented on Facebook how I had come to prefer phase 2 of writing – the revision process – to phase 1.

A person I considered a close friend in my 20s posted: “How sad. Perhaps you ought to change careers.”

I unfriended him. It was a shitty, belittling, trolling thing to say. It also reminded me that there are writers…and a lot off people who think they know writing but have no understanding of it as a discipline at all. These are the people that conceive of writing the first draft like it’s a romantic, vaunted state – but having to do a second draft is somehow shameful.

This is, of course, a heap of bullshit. Good writers understand that the first draft isn’t where the creative exercise happens. You’re just getting the details down. In later drafts the creativity happens as you solve problems, amend characters, alter worlds. First drafts are for listening. Second drafts are for shaping.

So letting someone with no understanding of the writing process to suggest I QUIT? I am sad because who he was is someone I remember and adore. But assholes are right now – and must be dealt with immediately.