Supplies: Real Experts

There are the experts that do and the experts that talk. I see the difference all the time, especially in magickal communities. We are rife with armchairs and academics. There’s one tradition I’ve encountered where students are discouraged from practicing magic, told that Monkey’s Paw story as a parable on unintended consequences (usually avoided well enough through use of divination.) The excuse given is that the teachers don’t want to spend their time cleaning up student messes.

I am of the opinion that that is a load of utter crap.

Since the most competent magic is preventative to begin with, you can either have nothing happen, or get messy and learn how cleaning up a mess is actually a routine part of magick that any regular practitioner has to do as a matter of course. No one has ever had a mess to clean up from simple protection spells; uncrossing work has no kickback. Get those down and the other workings fall into place – and your head is clean enough to know when a bad idea is a bad idea.

When I talk about experimental magick – like magick to clean up bad neighborhood – I get a whole bunch of “experts” carrying on about how I should give my energy to volunteer work if I REALLY want to make a difference.

Notably none of these assholes has ever even tried using magick in these situations. There are no experts, but boy do they try to drop some expertise as though their complete lack of experience can be made up for by repeating conventional wisdom that is failing miserably that much louder.

I do go to real experts for stuff they are expert in. I refer to my husband all the time for coding and commuting needs. But when something is experimental, especially in magic, I would much rather listen to myself.