Supplies: 10 Things I’d Like to Know More About

2013 Minnesota State Fair
For some reason I actually do know an absurdly large number of fire dancers and swallowers. (this, from MN State fair, is not one that I know personally.)

1. Podcasting
I have a very specific podcast project in mind. I have gone on a grand total of one podcast, ever.
2. Zines
I LOVE zines. LOVE them. I have yet to work up the nerve to make one.
3. Coding html and CSS
this is more of a should than a want-to
4. Photography
I’ve made great progress over the years. This year I have started an actual themed project: bulletin boards. I am snapping pictures of bulletin boards and taking artist’s dates at places that have lots of bulletin boards.
5. Poetry
This is a weird/surprise one for me. I joined a poetry group expecting to be as bored as I usually am by poets. Instead I really loved it – I genuinely enjoy the people in my poetry group. But I struggle to fill in my poetry/lit background. I never was able to get interested in contemporary poetry. I like the rhymes of Tennyson and Yeats.
6. Blues Music
I have made a few attempts via Google Play but so far I am not doing well at finding the stuff that really grabs me.
7. Strength Training
I’ve been following Health at Every SIze since 2010. I am down around 50 pounds (give/take – it’s been SLOW, with a slight yo yo last year because of surgery.) Now that I have mindful eating down and a strong exercise routine established I need to start doing more weight-bearing exercise. I am blessed in the absence of arthritis or other joint pain.
8 Yoga/a stretch routine
Pinched nerve last year.
9. A fresh approach to meditation.
I may take a class. I’m losing progress because I’ve been bored with what I’m doing.
10. Rosicrucianism/other Ceremonial Magick.
It’s been a logical next step for a very long while.


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  1. Blues really can’t be experienced through recordings. If you really want to experience it, you need to take it in live. I’m sure there’s a blues club somewhere near you. It doesn’t need to be a classy joint…in fact, the less so the better.

  2. There used to be this place in Kasota, MN – someone had converted an old church to a blues bar. In college I used to drive out there with my ex and some other friends. Some of the most fun memories of college happened at that bar. Hoping I can find more of those around here!

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