Supplies: Disarming the Wet Blanket Matadors

2013 March - Andy Warhol at Christy's in Minneapolis
Shot I took at the Warhol and Christie’s auction visit when it hit Minneapolis.

Want to see people disarming Wet Blanket matadors in a measurable way? Visit TheUglyIndian.

There are a few methods for disarming Wet Blanket Matadors. I am always open to those beyond what I already know.

Most methods depend on the type of wet-blanket being thrown at me. This might work better as a flow chart.

If they are a “won’t work” type 

…inject logic. How do you know that? Can you predict the future? If this is based on the past, how? Are these the same people involved?

If they are a “speak for me” type

…ask when they had that conversation with me that revealed these truths. If they claim that it’s in my behaviors, ask for what behaviors led them to that conclusion. Then, ask why they didn’t ask me questions at the time I was behaving in such a way. Also, ask if they are telepathic. If yes, ask if they stand close to too many radios.

If they are a disaster will happen type

Refer to the first.

When possible, just excise the matador. Better to have supportive friends of good quality than people that just hold you back from absolutely everything.