Supplies: Very Serious People

Snooty Art Face dude
– caught this guy making Art Critic Face several times during a consciously populist exhibit. Pretty sure he heard me making fun of him. I’m not proud of my behavior, either, but it was a good capture.

There are bound to be some Very Serious People around me somewhere. I just don’t have close ties with anyone of the Very Serious variety. After spending a good chunk of my free time with and on two Very Serious Guys for a few years after my divorce – sometimes pushed there by two “not serious” but actually quite negative female friends – I’d had enough. I’m a strong organizer and a competent leader; I know when to be serious.

Serious is for special occasions.

The only way to make anything sustainable- any event, project, hell, political party – is to inject a gigantic dose of “not serious.” The light hand is the successful one.

I am often taken as far more serious than I actually am. My truest self is my prankster, my dancer, my poet together. If I’m serious about something – it’s temporary, so I can fix what isn’t working or what needs to work so I can then revert to my more playful state.

Left untouched, I am quite playful.