Supplies: My Achilles Heel

Kitten heels. I’m waiting for a high-end brand called Achilles.
  • The way Wet Blanket Matadors get at me is to accuse me of being close-minded. This way I’m open to their closing me off. I actually work hard – too hard- to keep an open mind to the ideas and perspectives of others. The determined crazymaker then accuses me of being stubborn, narrow, even bigoted. It’s working less and less; I am starting to realize that these are manipulations founded in a natural assumption that horrible people make:
  • They exploit the current human tendency towards self-loathing. What we hate in ourselves, among the creative people, is a)usually fictional and b)planted there by awful people.
  • Those who really have those bad qualities don’t even think about them. Especially once they’re past the age of about 25.

Basically, they’ve found a way to use my being a reasonable human being against me.