Supplies: Status Symbols I’d Never be Caught Dead With

Look what showed up in our living room! #doctorwho
I would probably put the kabosh on a full size wooden TARDIS model. Because I would not want to share.

There is only one status symbol I would absolutely NEVER be caught dead with: any non-electric sports car, ever, that is not a DeLorean. That’s the only “absolute never.” I’ve been an environmentalist when I as 16; I lived in a town where kids my age had sports cars. The kids that had them – a certain R. Whittaker in particular – were just horrible, horrible human  beings. I now permanently associate sports cars with horrible people too selfish to leave any piece of the earth unpoisoned.

I’m also not fond of ostentatious displays of perfume. I have one designer perfume I wear – Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. It’s hidden at the back of my dresser. In the perfume collection I display, the unknown brands I get at Arabic grocery stores sit up front. The name brand stuff sits in the back.

If I can help it, I do not wear brand logos on anything. If I have to I will rip it, paint over it, or even turn a shirt inside out just to avoid displaying a damned logo. If I’m going to advertise for a brand they damn well better pay me for the privilege. Exceptions for university logos – those I’m fine with.  Showing off brands is just distasteful to me. If you’re showing a brand you’re not showing you – it’s a failure of personal artistry.

It’s not that I dislike luxuries. High thread count sheets? Ralph Lauren anything? Silk? I’m all over it. I just don’t need the whole world to know I like them.