Supplies: What can I do to clean up my attitude?

University of Minnesota Bridge 02/12/10
That last exercise was quite the eye-opener. I knew I was frustrated. I kind of knew I was angry. Now I know I’m angry. So now the question: what can I do to clear up my attitude towards this situation?

Hm… well, first I have to understand that the majority of people who have made advancements in any subculture they were part of always had someone screaming at them not to do it. Galileo. Aleistar Crowley.  Hell, the amount of crap Scott Cunningham gets dumped on him for daring make Wicca available to people outside of a small in-group is still as astonishing to me as it is wholly unsupported by reason. Getting upset at someone for practicing religion or magic different from the way you do is the height of pettiness. So is getting upset about someone believing in a different religion, not believing at all or believing when you don’t.

I am not a special snowflake. Other people have experienced the exact same crap that I’ve experienced. In fact, that crap is part of the process – I already know that I will see petty aggression whenever I do make process. It’s just part of the deal.

So meditate until I can be at peace with it is step one.

Step two is to just prepare my work for the people it’s meant for and trust to G.O.D that those people will find it and find me.

An uncrossing ritual may well help with that.