Supplies: Treated Like Crazy, but actually Right

The final look on my Black Swan costume.
me, in my Halloween costume

So many, many times. When I went to Detroit with a friend for a few days during my freshman year of college. When I bought a microcassette recorder to help me get through my journalism classes. When I wanted a modem for my computer. When I said flat out that when I started college, a car would be better for me than the low-quality laptop my family demanded I buy (because it was color! as though color made up for its terrible consumer ratings.)

As an adult, after a group of “friends” started making snide, mental patient expressions when I told them things were serious with Mike. They tried to make me out to be crazy when I actually saw the looks on their faces. I dumped the friends. They are still doing exactly what they were doing then – and are in the same financial disaster of a life. I, on the other hand, have made serious advancements and now have friends that don’t treat me like shit then act like I’m a mental patient when I object.

Just about every interaction with my family … ever.

I was right about grad school. I was right about my ex. I was right about that one guy on my meetup group trying to gaslight me – and it became pretty evident when other people would talk to me about conversations they had with him, after I had told him what the group needed and that I should be the one to handle it.

I’ve had a lot of people treat me like I’m crazy when I am actually picking up on something quite serious. It’s a bit enraging how often that crappy trick has been used on me.