Strobe Light Clarity: What I am about to see clearly

I think I am going through a moment of clarity when it comes to public Pagan writing. I’ve ventured out online only to be shut down or bullied off over and over. I’m starting to understand how it all works – and how a good chunk of people vilify others to make names for themselves. It’s not so much about the ones that do that – it’s about the people that buy into it and support the vilification, or who go along with it for fear they will be the next ones vilified if they don’t.

For a long time I interpreted being spiritual is “trying to understand others.” It’s not. Sure, I can try – but I am obligated only in terms of my behavior. Spirituality is about listening to God. It is about treating people well. But I’m aiming to be spiritual, not saintly. If people are taking actions intended to cause me distress, I am under no obligation to be the least bit understanding.

My distinction: believe whatever you want to believe. Talk it up. But I will watch what you actually do. It’s what you do that counts more than what you say.

If you use words to cause someone pain, that counts as an action, not as one of your ideas. And I will count it against you.

This is my clarity.

It’s quite liberating.