Supplies: Tricksters

Tricksters look a lot like crazymakers in the Artist’s Way books. These are actual people that find ways to stand between you and your goals, whether that’s conscious or subconscious. Most of the time it’s semi-conscious. They kind of know they’re causing you problems but they kind of don’t want to acknowledge that perhaps their spiritual and emotional emergencies are timed.

Tricksters I have known.
well, I can’t name names because tricksters are inveterate drama queens. Especially when truth telling makes them look bad.

Drama queens: people that need rescuing, usually on or around a big day of my own. It could be my birthday (more than once!) It could be the day I have a big presentation, a big party, a deadline. On these days these folks have something that needs my attention or rescue – just mine – and I’m a very bad friend if I don’t come running. Even so, I won’t be thanked (or worse, thanked in a dismissive, patronizing way) and when my big day does arrive anyway, I have actually been told by these people how my happiness makes THEM feel horrible and therefore I am a bad person for being happy. It could be a new relationship, an award, anything – these people just can’t be happy for me.

Notably the spell of three works: deny them three times and they disappear from my life.

There are so many false goals I’ve pursued I can’t even count. The perfumery was the biggest one. It was only ever meant to sustain me during my first marriage. Beyond that, I have what I need to make unique supplies since I actually do practice magic.

The false goal that tricks me these days is recognition. Recognition is a valid goal – but I am getting it for all the wrong things, sometimes in the wrong ways.

I have, since starting this path, gathered friends that do help me aim true. Tonya and Lisa, always. Jaime and Dawn are both surprising gifts. There’s no faux wisdom or authoritative delivery with them – it’s about listening and understanding. These are good people.

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